We make toys for your toys.

Built and equipped with the latest technology, every square meter on a yacht is thoughtfully designed. Because in the yachting business, fit and finish is everything. Our products are handcrafted with the precision yacht owners expect. Whether it’s a 10-meter slide or a 6-meter climbing wall, everything is custom built to integrate seamlessly with your yacht.

Making fun is serious business.

We don’t just strive for the best quality. We strive for insane quality. We opt for welded seams, stitching, and strict accountability throughout the process. We like to think we’re geniuses, but really, it’s the hard work, obsession for detail, and twenty-five years of experience that taught us everything we need to know.

From the high seas to the low sod.

Making custom built slides for yachts led us to a big idea: Making super-sweet slides that everyone can use. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned from building custom configurations for yachts and applied it to what we feel is the ultimate land slide experience. Connect them together in seconds and experience the slide of a lifetime.